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Study Scheme

Coursework Requirement

  Students are required to complete 6 required courses, 4 elective courses and Teaching Practice, constituting 20 units in total, before graduation.

Teaching Practice


Teaching Practice (TP) is an integral part of the Programme. Through TP, students can improve their teaching quality and professional development. During the TP period, the Faculty’s TP supervisors will visit students in their TP schools and support their professional development through assessment, taking into consideration their teaching performance as well as their professional behaviour and attitude.

Arrangement of Teaching Practice
  Full-time Programme:

Students are required to complete a 10-week TP within the study period. Students will have two blocks of TP and each block lasts for five weeks (including preparation week). Each student will be assigned to a TP school by the Faculty. Experienced teachers in TP schools will be invited to act as Teaching Advisers to provide students with guidance and supervision within the entire TP period.

  Part-time Programme:

Students will carry out TP at their serving schools throughout the two years of study. If a teaching post is not secured during their study, students may be required to apply for deferred admission or suspension of studies. Students are required to look for a teaching practice school at their own accord.


Students admitted via non-teaching mode should complete 2 blocks of 4-5 consecutive weeks of TP within 2 years, and complete the first block in their first year of study. TP schools will be arranged by the TP Office and students should make themselves available for the assigned TP period.


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