HKIER Director's Message

The Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP) was established under the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research (HKIER) of CUHK in 1998 as a flagship unit to develop indigenous school improvement trajectories and strategies for enhancing professional capacity and lead sustainable development at schools.

The establishment of QSIP was first inspired by the Accelerated Schools Project (ASP) launched by the Stanford University. Over the two decades of actualizing the philosophy of comprehensive school improvement in the local context, QSIP has developed school improvement strategies that cater to the needs of local schools and built up a critical mass of School Improvement Specialists. QSIP has received wide recognition from the government, private foundations and schools for its professional and context-sensitive school improvement endeavours. Important contribution to the practice of school improvement has been made through actions of its many projects and professional exchange across the strait.

I earnestly look forward to QSIP’s continuous contribution in facilitating sustainable school improvement and the long-term development in education through collaboration with teachers, schools and different partners.


Prof. Wong Heung Sang, Stephen
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research