Jockey Club "Diversity at Schools" Project – Maximizing Choices (2018/19-2021/22)

The Jockey Club ‘Diversity at Schools’ Project (Phase 1, 2018-2021) is a multipartite collaboration among various expertise.

The Project aims to develop school-based Diversity Management Model by emphasising on 3 strategic foci: Profiling Diversity, Maximizing Choices and Facilitating Collaboration. Each of the foci is responsible by a party of the venture, with the aspiration of establishing a data management system to profile students' diversities, developing effective teaching strategies and empowering the role of Classroom Learning Assistants respectively.

QSIP is in charge of the focus of ‘Maximizing Choices’ in Phase 1 of the Project. The team collaborated with 32 primary and secondary schools to develop a repertoire of strategies to cater for learner diversity in various Key Learning Areas based on the philosophy of differentiated instruction. Professional capacity of instructional leaders was enhanced in the process. Strategies and resources developed by QSIP are shared on the project website.

Deliverables of “Maximizing Choices”

  1. Resources for applying differentiated instruction in classroom teaching and video series on “Developing differentiated instruction in school”
  2. Handbook for panel heads: Leading subject panels to develop school-based differentiated instruction