QSIP School-based Professional Support

Since its establishment in 1998, QSIP has provided professional school-based support to hundreds of local schools through funded projects of various themes, which lets the team gain a substantial empirical ground for facilitating school improvement. In view of the tremendous demand for school support services, QSIP initiated to tailor-make self-financing programmes for individual schools and educational organizations to cater the growing need. Since the provision of the services, over 300 local schools and 10 Macau schools have invited QSIP for collaboration. The services was further expanded in 2017/18 and has received support from a large number of schools.

Comprehensive school improvement in times of rapid changes 

Adhering to the philosophy of comprehensive school improvement, QSIP tailor-makes school-based support initiatives that are in concert with the context and improvement needs for each school to promote holistic and sustainable development. These actions address a wide variety of development focuses:

  • Professional development for middle-level leaders
  • Training for new teachers
  • Fostering self-directed learning
  • Catering for learner diversity
  • Enhancing assessment literacy
  • Enhancing learning and teaching
  • Reading across the Curriculum (RaC) / Language across the Curriculum (LaC)
  • Cross-curricular / disciplinary learning
  • Values Education
  • Student support / class ethos
  • School development planning (PIE)


Collaborate with us


For enquiries, please contact us at (852)3943 5050 or email to qsip@cuhk.edu.hk.