English WeCan


“English WeCan” is a joint venture among Project WeCan, the Quality School Improvement Project, and the Project WeCan schools. The programme aims at confidence building through academic pursuit on vocabulary and reading comprehension.

To enrich students’ vocabulary and build their confidence in speaking English through a variety of learning activities (reading of fiction and non-fiction texts, language games, outing and experiential learning activities, display of learning etc.)

Aligning with the QSIP mandate, the goal of “English WeCan” is more than a English tutorial course, but a teacher development event at which effective teaching and learning theories and approaches are explored and experimented. The goal is four-fold, (1) beneficial to the students directly; (2) useful for exploration of effective teaching and learning methods and approaches; (3) valuable for sharing of good practice in the English teaching community; (4) advantageous for development of young people into responsible and effective teachers.

For the fourth goal, in particular, English WeCan provided a distinct opportunity for grooming young people into effective teachers for weak readers and leaders of reluctant groups. With specific goals and targets, undergraduates and postgraduate students of CUHK have been recruited and trained to assume leadership and understand what teaching English means.

Teachers have learnt to appreciate the importance of orientating interaction in two fronts – with people and with knowledge.

By constantly directing students to focus on English language learning through the texts and activities, the teachers have successfully helped most of the students learn and become less resistant to English. Most of them demonstrated passion and devotion in taking care of students’ learning and development.

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