Head of Administration

Dr. HO Bik Yue, Beatrice

Research in the fields of school improvement, teacher professional development and curriculum implementation in primary and secondary schools. Facilitated planning, implementation and evaluation for school management and learning and teaching enhancement initiatives in kindergartens of various backgrounds. Solid experience in leading and supporting administrative works for school improvement endeavours.


School improvement and relevant administrative support, teacher professional development, kindergarten teachers’ training

Administration Team

Ms. LEE Pui Shan, Anson
(Deputy Head of Administration)

Experienced Executive Officer. Served in educational center, publishers and non-profit organization, responsible for operations management, editing of teaching materials and secondary school reference books, organization of educational seminars and large-scale conferences. Experienced in administrative management, editing and publishing, and event management.

Ms. TIN Pui Fan, Simone (Communications Officer)

Media specialist. Years of experience in the field of media and publishing, responsible for communications and publicity including interviewing and reporting, publication, website and social media management. Experienced in writing, editing and promotion.

Ms. YUEN Ka Wing, Christine (Executive Officer)

Experienced Executive Officer. Served in private sector and non-profit organizations, responsible for event management, media liaison and organisation of large-scale public events and professional seminars. Experienced in project management, promotion and publicity.

Ms. CHAN Kam Chiu

(Executive Assistant)

Mr. FUNG Chun Lai

(Executive Assistant)

Research Team

Ms. LUO Zili, Lizz
(Senior Research Assistant)

BSc in Applied Psychology and MEd in Educational and Developmental Psychology.
Participated in research projects on child language acquisition and development, and child language disorder assessment. Research interests include developmental psychology, psycholinguistics, and child language development.


Psycholinguistics, child language development