Teaching Practicum & Other Experiences

Teaching Practicum Platform

Online Teaching Practicum Platform (TP Platform) was launched to strengthen and facilitate communication between local schools and the Faculty, in regard to placement offer arrangements on Teaching Practicum and Pre-Teaching Practicum activities in 2020-21 academic year. The TP Platform includes the following functions:

1. Submitting and confirming placements offered and relevant arrangements, such as information of Mentors, Pre-TP visits and honorarium arrangements;
2. Viewing information of assigned student teacher(s);
3. Downloading and uploading related documents; and
4. Participating in the latest events organized by our Office.

The relevant login information  has been sent to school and responsible coordinating teacher respectively in early June 2020. 

Platform: https://tp.fed.cuhk.edu.hk/school/en/login

For queries, please contact our office (Email: spce@cuhk.edu.hk Tel: 3943 6961 / 3943 6987).