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Representative Publications

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Overseas International Conference Presentations

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Some Funded Research

Principal Investigator:

Academically Selective Schools in HK

Adolescent Suicides: Possibility of Contagious Effects

Primary Sch Math Assessment

Primary School Chinese Assessment

Suicide Prevention Programs- A Critical Evaluation

Establishment of Maths Standardized Test

Setting Chi and Eng Standard for Students in HK

Setting Math Standard for Students in HK

Web-based Computerized Test in Primary Sch Math

Gender Diff in Sec Sch Place Allocation

Alternative Sch Place Allocation System

Standard Setting of English Medium of Instruction

Critical Thinking among Chinese Students

Critical Thinking: Characteristics, assessment

Mainline Grant, CUHK

Direct Grant, CUHK

SocSc & Ed Panel,CUHK

Language Fund, HKGov't

Shaw College , CUHK

VC's discretionary Fund

Hong Kong Education Dept

Hong Kong Education Dept

Hong Kong Education Dept

Hong Kong Government

Hong Kong Education Dept

Hong Kong Ed & ManPower

Direct Grant, CUHK


Collaborator in:

Principal-teacher Relationship(Principal investigator: B. Chan)

Standardized Putonghua test

Nine-Year Compulsory Education (1st phase)

Nine-Year Compulsory Education (2nd phase)

Direct Grant, CUHK

RGC Grantm

Hong Kong Education Dept

Hong Kong Education Dept 1997-99