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A Review of the Implementation of the " School-Based Curriculum Project Scheme " in Hong Kong
Chan Chi Chiu, Daniel

Goal Orientations, Self Concepts, and Self-Regulation in Teaching Practice
Chow Wah, Edward

Implicit Theory of Intelligence and Achievement Goals among Hong Kong Secondary School Students
Hui Hing Fai

The Implementation of Design & Technology in the Sixth Form Curriculum
Koo Chung Ngan, Alfred

Participation in Decision Making and Organizational Commitment of Hong Kong Primary School Teachers*
Lai Siu Ming

The Impact of Education Expansion and Economic Restructuring on Income Distribution: A Case Study of Hong Kong
Lee Chi Yung

A study on " The Teaching of Chinese Culture " in the Syllabus (Selected Text) of Chinese Language For Junior Secondary Forms in Hong Kong*
Leung Shung Yu

Brainstorming, Problem Definition and Creativity
Lung Tak Yee

Adolescent Aggressiveness in Hong Kong: Its Relations with Parental Aggressiveness, Adolescent-Parent Relationship, and Hostile Attribution Biases
Man Wong Fai

Political Transition and Curriculum Reconstruction: The Inclusion of Local History in the History Curriculum of Hong Kong
Siu Chi Kui

Component Profiles of Chinese Reading Comprehension Ability: A Comparison of Poor and Average Readers*
So Yuet Wah, Julia

The Role of Educational Body in the Educational Policy-making Process of Hong Kong: The Case Study of Hong Kong Professional Teachers'Union*
Tam Ping Yuen

The Confucian Ethical Elements in Moral Education: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Taiwan*
Tsang Lai Chu

Education and Empowerment: A Case Study of Blind Social Activists in Hong Kong
Tsui Kai Ming

Relationship between Teacher Competence and Teachers' Inferences of Students' Multidimensional Self-concept
Wong Yu Fai, Tommy

Helping Student Teachers to Reflect - A Case Study
Yeung Sze Yin, Shirley


Investigating the Relationship to the Senior High Selected Texts and the Teaching Objectives of Chinese Language from the Learner's Point of View*
Chiang Fung

Comprehension Monitoring Strategies: Effects of Self-questions on Comprehension and Inference Processing
Cheung Shuk Fan

A Study of the Inclusion of Science-Technology-Society Topics in Secondary 4 to 5 Chemistry Syllabuses and Textbooks in Hong Kong
Fung Chi Lun

The Comparative Study of Teacher Curriculum Decision making in Hong Konng Mainstream School and Special School*
Hui Kin Man

Research on Teaching Materials in the Basic Knowledge of Language in the Chinese Language Textbooks in Hong Kong Junior Forms*
Hung Mo Kai

The Development Experience of Vocational Education in China's Rural Towns: A Comparative Study on Two Rural Towns in Guangdong Province*
Lai Man Hong

Family Relationship, Self-concept, and Delinquency among Hong Kong Adolescents
Lau Kit Ling

The Implementation of a Curriculum Innovation for Developmenting Nursing Process Skills: A Case study of a School of Nursing in Hong Kong
Lee Kit Ming

Student Achievement in Educational Technology Course as Enhanced by Cooperative Learning
Leung Chi Man, Doris

Child's Sex-role and Self-esteem: Their relations with Parent's Sex-role and Child-rearing Attitudes*
Leung Ka Wai

Stressful Lift Events, Defensive Styles and Psychological Well-being among Hong Kong Secondary Students*
Ng Kin Hung

Hong Kong Government Policy on Private Secondary School in the Post-war Period: A State-theory Perspective*
Ng Mo Chee

Effects of Rauding Rate on Reading Accuracy and Efficiency on Chinese Text*
Ng Wai Cheung

The Curriculum Decision Making Pattern of Teachers Participating in & Target Oriented Curriculum & Pilot Scheme*
Shum Kin Ming

Woman Principal's Leadership and Teachers' Work Attitudes
Shum Lai Ching

The Revision Process in Expository Writing of Hong Kong Secondary 6 Students
Tang Kit Yi

The Implementation of a New, Sixth-form Integrated Subject -- The Case Study of Liberal Studies*
Tang Yiu Nam

An Analysis of Text structures of Chinese Language Texts in Lower Secondary school*
Tse Shu Keung


Effect of Practice Schedules on Problem-solving Performance in Genetic Knowledge
Chan Wai Yu

A Study of the Instructional Objective of the Chinese Language Subject in Current Hong Kong Secondary School in the Light of Hsun-Tzu's Thoery of Human-Nature*
Cheng Mo Bing

The Effects of Signals on Reading Comprehension
Chung Sin Ling

Interaction Between Politics and Education: Case Study of a & Patriotic School & in Hong Kong*
Lam Ka Ka

An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Aims and the Prescribed Text of the Subject of the Chinese Language of Form 4 & 5 from the Perpective of Confucius' Educational Thought*
Lam Yik Chi

The Use of Mental Representation of Conceptual Knowledge for Assessing Mathematical Understanding
Law Huk Yuen

Effects of Text Structures on Reading Comprehension and Recall*
Law Yin Kum

A Study on Self-concept and Sex-role Orientation of Students of Single-sex and Co-educational Secondary Schools
Leung Wing Man Winnie

Dependency and Autonomy in Higher Education: CHinese Intellectuals and the State*
Lo Wai Yin

Implementation Evaluation of the Pad System into the Pattern Construction Curriculum
Lun Ngai Mei

School Environment as Related to Performance of Teachers and Students
Tam Wai Ming

Effect of Metacognitive Training on Writing Thematic Summaries of Expository Texts
Tang Wai Yu

Changes in Language Education Policy in Hong Kong (1842-1941) - An Analysis in the State-theory Perspective*
Wong Shuk Yee

A Study of the Curriculum Development of Chinese Writing Secondary Schools in Hong Kong*
Yeung Kwai Hong

Role Conception, Ethical Decision-making and Learning Climate among Nursing Students
Yung Ha Ping


Rise of Frmale Schooling in late Ching China*
Lau Yuk Ling

Development of Schooling in a Rural Town in China : Experience of Luoyang Town, Wujin County in Jiangsu Province*
Lee Chee Ha

Textual Cohesion and Reading Comprehension
Wong Tai Yuen

A Survey of Hong Kong Teachers' Attidudes toward Professionalization*
Yu Wai Bing

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