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A. Courses

EDM6405 Multi-dimensional & Multi-causal analysis in Ed Research

B. General Information

(i) For students who have registered the courses, please log in through the cuforum using your CUHK USER ID, read the updated information, and change the email address (through your personal profile under cuforum) to one that you will check quite frequently.

(ii) For students who have registered, but cannot log in, please send your Student ID number + name + course in which you have registered to me at

C. Special Notice for EDM6405 Multi-dimensional & Multi-causal analysis in Ed Research

(i) EDM6405 is a web-based course (video, annotated powerpoints) with all lectures being posted on the web, the benefits are that you attend the “lectures” at your convenient time and you save the traveling time to CUHK.

(ii) Self-checked tests and assignments will be posted;

(iii) Optional face-to-face tutorial may be arranged (depending on demand of students) and there will be a mandatory quiz (open-book) at the end of the course (sample questions available).

(iv) All "lectures" have been posted in cuforum NOW so that you can actually start "attending" the course.

(v) You can purchase the Chinese textbook on structural equation modeling at Rm 208, Ed Psych Dept office.

(vi) Interested students should formally register at the faculty office;

(vii) you should register either in the first or second term course registration time (send your Student ID, name, course title EDM6405 to me); in between the registration periods, you can still send the above information to me and complete the necessary university registration with the faculty office when registration is re-opened.

(viii) Updated information will be posted in CU forum for registered students.