Asian Journal of Counselling

Vol. 3 Nos. 1&2, Page 89-94, 1994

Live Supervision - Experience and Practice (Article written in Chinese)

LAM Ching-Man


Family therapy theorists believe that immediate intervention is more effective than post-event feedback in bringing about positive changes in a family relationship, Such a belief should not noly be applied in counselling practice, but in training for family therapy as well.

Live supervision is a common practice in training for family therapy. It enables the supervisor to observe behind the mirror the interaction between the counsellor and family members who seek family therapy. It also enables the supervisor to participate in the counselling process and provide immediate feedback to the trainee for family therapy so as to increase the effectiveness of the therapy.

This paper discusses the basic concepts, techniques and features of live supervision through sharing the author's experiences in using the technique in training family therapy for social workers. It also examines the effectiveness of the technique as well as some of the problems in using it. The paper ends with some suggestions for better using the technique.

Keywords:  Live supervision; family therapy

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