worldwide technological advances and globalization have radically changed the landscape of work and workforce. Increasingly, our university graduates are required to prepare themselves more adequately through developing wide-ranging interests in their disciplines of major studies as well as in disciplines beyond their specialties. In the field of education, the traditional practice of allowing graduates of relevant disciplines to enter the teaching career in pre-university education has also fallen into disfavour. It is anticipated that this practice will soon be discontinued.

In response to these needs, the Faculty of Education has offered, for a number of years, two programmes through which university undergraduates may choose a career in education. For students who have a clear career goal in education, the Bachelor of Education Programme {currently restricted to Language Education (Chinese / English), Liberal Studies, Mathematics & Mathematics Education, Exercise Science & Health and Sports Science and Physical Education} is designed to admit prospective teachers who have completed as students their secondary and matriculation courses. For university graduates who major in disciplines that are considered relevant for pre-university teaching and who are interested in a teaching career, the Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme will also qualify them to enter the teaching profession.

Since these two programmes are specifically designed for prospective teachers, undergraduate students who are interested in education though not necessarily in a teaching career have until now been denied their desired initial exposure to a basic understanding of the profession and practice of education. With the current movement for lifelong learning and whole-person development, the Faculty has met increasing demands for opening our courses in education to university undergraduates from other disciplines such as those from departments in the Science faculty (e.g., Chemistry, Mathematics), the Social Science faculty (e.g. Psychology, Social Work), the Arts faculty (e.g., Chinese Language and Literature, Music, History, Religion and Theology), and the School of Journalism and Communication.

Based on such increasing demands and the belief that an initial exposure of education to undergraduates will benefit them in their personal as well as professional development, the Faculty of Education proposes to offer a minor programme in education to university undergraduates whose major subjects are in disciplines other than education. Specifically, to ensure a comprehensive coverage of the field of education, the Faculty will coordinate efforts from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Department of Education Administration and Policy, and the Department of Educational Psychology to offer this minor programme.