Students will develop their theories and practices of language pedagogy and awareness of options available in the language classroom, make informed decisions in the planning and teaching processes and reflect on their teaching styles through the series of English language teaching techniques courses. They will be given opportunities to observe videotaped lessons and to carry out micro-teaching in class based on their lesson plans.

Teaching Practicum

Teaching Practicum is an integral component of the teacher education programme. Through TP, students will be able to demonstrate competence in the core teaching skills, integrate and apply pedagogical content knowledge in practice, apply concepts of reflective practice to real classroom situations and develop appropriate attitudes and values of a qualified English language teacher. Experienced teachers of placement schools will serve as Teaching Advisors to provide students with various kinds of support and guidance. Experienced frontline teachers will also be involved to offer professional advice, promote reflectivity and provide support and pastoral care to students during the TP period. Please visit Office of School Partnership and Community Engagement for details.