Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

A publication of the Tamkang University

Vol. 43 No. 3 , 2006


267 The Application of Moodle for Web-Based Peer Assessment (Article written in Chinese)
    Ching-Heng SHEN & Xin-Yi HUANG
285 Application of Wiki Collaboration System for Value Adding and Knowledge Aggregation in a Digital Archive Project (Article written in Chinese)
    Sinn-Cheng LIN, Ying-Chieh CHEN, & Chung-Yen YU
309 Using Clusters to Find the Most Adaptive Recommendations of Books (Article written in Chinese)
    Chui-Cheng CHEN & Jun-Rong HUANG
327 Case Study Report for the Market of Scholarly Electronic Journal Integrated Editorial System: Applying ASPERS to JoEMLS (Article written in Chinese)
    Jeong-yeou CHIU & Yi-Ping LEE
347 Investigation on Book Consumption of Undergraduates of Chinese Mainland — Illustrating on the City of Nanjing (Article written in Chinese)
    Hui MU
361 Developing Nations, the Digital Divide and Research Databases (Article written in Chinese)
    Sam BROOKS, Paul DONOVAN, & Clint RUMBLE

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