Message from the Programme Coordinator

Edwin E. Moise, a famous mathematician, pointed out the complexity of teaching activity. The role of a teacher is multi-faceted, which includes a performer, an expositor, a taskmaster, a leader, a judge, an adviser, an authority figure, an interlocutor and a friend. Teachers in the 21 st century are not just teaching staff, they are caring cultivators, inspirational co-constructors and committed role models. If you would like to accept the challenge of equipping yourself as a professional secondary school mathematics teacher, CUHK’s B.Ed. in Mathematics and Mathematics Education is the right choice for you.

This program is co-organised by Faculty of Education and Department of Mathematics, CUHK. Department of Mathematics offers solid mathematics courses at undergraduate level, which enable our students to have comprehensive and deep understanding on mathematics methodologies and theories. Faculty of Education offers courses on mathematics pedagogy and educational studies. By means of different learning activities, students will acquire the methods of inspiring students to construct mathematics knowledge and the effective way to cultivate our next generation. Furthermore, through different types of teaching practice activities, our students will be nurtured as a committed role model in the teaching profession. As only a few applicants are admitted to this program in each cohort, there is high degree of interaction between students and teachers. Teachers can also provide tailor-made guidance to our students according to their specific needs.

Program Coordinator, B.Ed. (Mathematics and Mathematics Education)
Dr. CHAN, Yip-Cheung