Doctoral Students

Doctor of Philosophy (Curriculum and Instruction)

English Name Chinese Name Research Area(s)
CHEN, Mengyuan 陳夢園 Educational technology
GU, Yixin 谷屹欣 Strategies of teaching literature-based reading in chinese secondary schools; students’ problems in reading chinese literature and solutions; reading-writing connections; relation between literature reading and empathy development
HUANG, Shenghua 黃聲華 Teacher emotional labor, student motivation and engagement
JIANG, Yichao 姜毅超 Technology enhanced language learning
LEUNG, Sze Ming 梁詩明 Composition marking processes and strategy
LI, Chen 李晨 Second language writing
LIN, Min 林敏 Historicize curriculum reform from cross-cultural perspective; Foucauldian discourse analysis
MAO, Zhicheng 毛志成 Second language writing, corrective feedback
OU, Wanyu 歐婉彧 Language and socialization; internationalization of higher education
SHEN, Bin 沈彬 Self-regulated learning, peer assessment in writing
WANG, Lu 王璐 Writing assessment
WANG, Yubo 汪于博 Second Language writing, feedback
WENG, Xiaojing 翁小婧 Educational technology
XIAO, Wenqi 肖雯琪 Computer-assisted language learning   Second language education and learning
ZOU, Min 鄒敏 Second language education; critical thinking, writing, and teacher feedback

Doctor of Education (Curriculum and Instruction)

English Name Chinese Name Research Area(s)
CHAN, Kwan Mui 陳群梅 Pedagogy for Critical Thinking and Meta-cognition in Science and Math subjects
CHAN, So Yee 陳素兒 Assessment as learning: An application of data analysis tools for the implementation of formative assessments in english language to inform learning and teaching in reading
CHANG, Kwun Hung 張冠雄 Second language acquisition of Cantonese for non-Chinese speakers
CHAU, Wai Keung 周偉強 Mobile devices in solving the problems of Chinese Writing in Students of Senior Primary School
CHEUNG, Ching Yu 張清瑜 Curriculum and instruction
CHOW, Yuk Ting Hester 周育霆 Outcome based assessment; teaching and learning in tertiary education
HO, Fung Man 何鳳雯 To be confirmed
HO, Pui Ling Michel 何佩玲 Parental  involvement in early childhood literacy development
LEE, Ching Lam 李青藍 English for academic purposes; using children’s literature in ESL contexts
LEE, Wing Kin 李永健 To be confirmed
LI, Man Fung 李文峰 Teacher knowledge
LI, Shan 李珊 Learning and teaching in tertiary vocational education
LI, Xiaoying 李曉迎 International curriculum development (international baccalaureate; IGCSE); chinese language curriculum; curriculum organization; curriculum practice; decision-making and chinese language instruction
LIU, Feifei 劉菲菲 To be confirmed
LUI, Lei Yung 呂莉蓉 Systemic functional linguistics and writing across the curriculum
LUI, Siu Kei 呂兆基 Curriculum studies. English problems in the promotion of science and STEM education
TAM, Ka Yi 譚嘉怡 English language education
TANG, Wai Lun 鄧惠麟 Vocational education in Hong Kong
TONG, Man Wai 唐文慧 Chinese language instruction;  reading process and instruction; cognitive strategy instruction
WANG, Tianchong 王天寵 Mobile learning
WONG, Chun Ho 王俊皓 To be confirmed
WU, Chui Shan 胡翠珊 Teachers’ knowledge of catering for student learning diversity
YI, Yingying 易瑩瑩 Chinese writing feedback
ZHENG, Yundan 鄭雲丹 Moral education from the historical perspective; Foucauldian discourse analysis