Higher Education

Topic Period
Informing professional development on internationalisation of the curriculum through identifying and validating threshold concepts 2022-2023
Investigating and enhancing undergraduate research experiences in the curriculum through teacher-student collaborative inquiries 2020-2023
Intercultural Education and Reconciliation between Local Students and Mainland Chinese Students in Higher Education Campuses in Hong Kong 2020-2020
How Can the Dragon Soar? An Interdisciplinary Approach to China”s Post-Reform Dialectics of State, Market and Space 2019-2021
A Longitudinal Investigation on Student Engagement in Mathematics in Chinese Higher Education Institutions from Multiple Perspectives 2019-2021
Enhancing the Academic Competence of the Low Income Mainstream, Chinese Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Students in Approaching the Diploma of Secondary Education 2019-2020
Transition from Secondary to Post-Secondary Education: Access, Obstacles, and Success Factors of Immigrant, Minority and Low Income Youth in Hong Kong 2018-2020
Examining the Effectiveness of “The Flipped Classroom” in Teacher Education Profession 2016-2017
Learning Experiences of Mainland Students in the Context of Internationalizing Higher Education in Hong Kong 2015-2017
Expected Learning Experiences of Mainland Students in the Context of Internationalizing Higher Education in Hong Kong 2011-2013
Academic’s Strategies for Balancing Teaching and Research: A Qualitative Study of Three Universities in the Chinese Mainland 2011-2012
Academics’ perceptions of work life: a qualitative study in three universities in the Chinese Mainland 2009-2010
Attractiveness of Hong Kong Undergraduate Education to Study of Sustainability from the Perspective of Students’ Realized Choices in Five Universities 2008-2009
Perceptions of Faculty Work Life in the Chinese Mainland: A Study on Three Comprehensive Universities in Different Rank 2007-2009
Why Do They Choose to Study in Hong Kong? An Exploratory Study of Newly Enrolled Mainland Undergraduates in a Hong Kong University 2007-2008
Seeking Higher Education Abroad: Student Choices and Reasons in China 2006-2008
The Changing Academic Profession: Employment Reform in Two Key Universities in Chinese Mainland 2005-2007