Policy Studies and Evaluation

Topic Period
The Institute of Health Equity (IHE) at CUHK in Collaboration with University College London Institute of Health Equity 2020-2024
Transition to Adulthood: Voices and Choices of a New Generation of Hong Kong Young Adults 2020-2022
A Pilot Study on Kazakhstan on “The Demand for Higher Education and the Economic Development of the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’- Human Capital Investment and Exchange in Education: Phase I – A Case Study of Central Asia” 2019-2021
Health Behaviour in School-aged Children Study in Hong Kong: Assessing the Physical, Emotional and Social Well-being 2019-2020
The Causal Impact of Education on Women’s Reproductive Health and Child’s Wellbeing: New Evidence from Compulsory Education Reforms in Hong Kong 2017-2019
The Impact of Changing Educational Opportunities on Labor Market Outcomes: Causal Evidence from China’s Educational Expansion Reforms 2016-2017
Joint Center on Migration and Mobility 2016-2017
Feasibility Study of Legislation against Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status 2014-2015
Returns to Task-based Skills in Hong Kong’s Labor Market 2012-2015
Continuity and Change in Hong Kong Postsecondary Educational Opportunity: Migration, Family, Gender, and District Context 2012-2015
Professional Development and Identity Construction of Mentor Teachers through Mentoring Practice in Schools 2011-2013
Returns to Task-based Skills in Hong Kong’s Labor Market 2011-2012
Provision of Services for Conducting the New Senior Secondary Curriculum Implementation Study 2009-2011
Research on Policy Instrument of Chinese Higher Education 2007-2010
Education and Work: The efficacy of Schooling in Human Resource Development in Three Regions in China 2000-2005