Academic Staff

LAM Ka-ka

Professional Consultant

LAM Ka-ka

BA, DipEd, MPhil, PhD (CUHK)

LAM Ka-ka served as teacher, subject panel chairperson and Mistress of Counselling in secondary schools, part-time lecturer in Universities, and part-time teaching supervisor at CUHK. Research interests include: political and educational relationships between China and Hong Kong, nationalism and identity construction, history of education in Hong Kong, educational policy and practice in Hong Kong, teacher development, liberal studies and narrative analysis.

Research Interests
  • Education and Politics
  • Education Ethnography
  • Education Policy
  • Liberal Studies
  • Narrative Study
  • Oral History
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Sociology of Education
  • Teacher Professional Development
Courses Taught
  • PGDE 5211 Structure and Process of Schooling
  • PGDE 5213 Educational Policy & Practice in Hong Kong
  • PGDE 5213 Educational Policy & Practice in Hong Kong
  • PGDE 5213 Educational Policy & Practice in Hong Kong
  • PGDP 5301 Structure & Process of Schooling
  • PGDP 5306 Educational Policy & Practice in Hong Kong
  • PGDP 5317 From Whence We Came: The Historical Contexts of Hong Kong Education
  • UGEC 2673 Hong Kong Education Policy and Society
Recent Publications
  • LAM Ka Ka. “Informal Curriculum in a Private School in Hong Kong under British Colonial Governance”. Paper presented in the Fifteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, organized by New Directions in the Humanities Knowledge Community, 1-5 pgs. London, UK, 2017.07.05.
  • LAM Ka Ka. “Chen Ji Tang and Tak Ming Middle School”. Paper presented in the 2nd Conference on the Social Sciences, Sociology and Globalization in Asia and the 3rd Asian Symposium on Education, Equity and Social Justice, organized by International Education for Sustainable Development Alliance, 1-11 pgs. Fukuoka, Japan, 2016.08.02.
  • LAM Ka Ka. “Who’s citizens?”. Paper presented in the Tenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Contemporary Social Change, organized by University of Split 1-9 pgs. Split, Croatia, 2015.06.12.
  • LAM Ka Ka. “You, Yellow Running Dog!”. Paper presented in the 16th Annual International Conference on Education, organized by The Athens Institute for Education and Research, 1-9 pgs. Athens, Greece, 2014.05.20.
  • LAM Ka Ka. “Patriotic actions or anti-social actions?”. Paper presented in the Eighth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, organized by Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, 1-8 pgs. Prague, Czech Republic, 2013.07.30.
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