Academic Staff

OU Dongshu

Associate Professor

OU Dongshu

BEcon (Sun Yat-sen University), MA, MPhil, PhD(Columbia)

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B.Econ. (Sun Yat-sen University), M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.(Columbia University). Dr. Ou specializes in economics of education. Previously she has been visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge (2016/7) and is a Life Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. She is Associate Director at the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research and an Assembly Fellow at Chung Chi College. She also serves for Yale-China Education Committee, QSIP Advisory Committee, the Economics Steering Group of Worldwide Universities Network, the Global China Research Programme at CUHK, and is a Faculty Affiliate at the Centre for Population Research. Her two core areas of interest are the impact and consequences of educational reforms, and the interactions of human capital and immigrant integration. Her research has been supported by the British Academy, Hong Kong Research Grant Council, Tin Ka Ping Foundation and the Worldwide Universities Network. She has extensive research and consultancy experience on educational policy for major organizations including Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, UNICEF, the Ford Foundation, and New Visions for Public Schools. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on educational policy, education and development and educational finance.

Research Interests
  • Economics of Education
  • Education Policy
Courses Taught
Recent Publications
  • Ou, Dongshu and Zhong Zhao. 2022. “Higher Education Expansion in China, 1999-2003: Impact on Graduate Employability.” China & World Economy, 30(2),117-141.
  • Cathles, Alison, Dongshu Ou, Simone Sasso, Mary Setrana and Tom van Veen. 2021. “Where Do You Come from, Where Do You Go? Assessing Skills Gaps and Labour Market Outcomes for Young Adults with Different Immigration Backgrounds.” International Journal of Educational Development, 86.
  • Ou, Dongshu and Yuna Hou. 2019. “Bigger Pie, Bigger Slice? The Impact of Higher Education Expansion on Educational Opportunity in China.” Research in Higher Education, 60,358–391.
  • Ou Dongshu. 2016. “The Universal Provision of Primary Education: Who Benefits?” Education Economics, 24(5), 511-535.
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