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ZOU Xiaoping, Tracy

Assistant Professor

ZOU Xiaoping, Tracy

BSc, PhD (PolyU); EdD (HKU)

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Dr. Zou served as a teaching associate at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong. Her main research areas are internationalization of higher education, teaching and research nexus, and academic development. She has published in several reputable journals in the field of higher education, for example, Studies in Higher Education, Higher Education, and Higher Education Research & Development. Courses taught include Values and Moral Education and Structure and Process of Schooling. Dr. Zou chaired a number of international conferences, and the recent one in 2020 attracted over 400 online audiences from 28 countries. She is an associate editor of International Journal for Academic Development and an editorial member of Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. She is also a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

Research Interests
  • Higher Education
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Teacher Professional Development
Courses Taught
  • EDUC 3201 Ethics and Professional Standards for Teachers
  • PGDC 5303 Ethics and Professional Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • PGDE 5222 Values and Moral Education
  • PGDE 5234 Ethics and Professional Standards for the Teaching Profession
Recent Publications
  • Zou, T.X.P., & Yu, J. (2021). Intercultural interactions in Chinese classrooms: A multiple-case study. Studies in Higher Education, 46(3), 649–662.
  • Zou, T.X.P., Law, L., Chu, B., Lin, V., Ko, T., & Lai, N. (2020). Developing academics’ capacity for internationalizing the curriculum: A collaborative autoethnography of a cross-institutional project. Journal of Studies in International Education. Advance online publication.
  • Zou, T.X.P., Harfitt, G.J., Carless, D., & Chiu, C.S.T. (2020). Conceptions of excellent teaching: A phenomenographic study of winners of awards for teaching excellence. Higher Education Research & Development. Advance online publication.
  • Zou, T.X.P., Chu, B., Law, L., Lin, V., Ko, T., Yu, M., & Mok, P. (2020). University teachers’ conceptions of internationalization of the curriculum: A phenomenographic study. Higher Education, 80(1), 1–20.
  • Zou, T.X.P., & Geertsema, J. (2020). Do academic developers’ conceptions support an integrated academic practice? A comparative case study from Hong Kong and Singapore. Higher Education Research & Development, 39(3), 606–620.
Research Projects
  • Investigating and enhancing undergraduate research experiences in the curriculum through teacher-student collaborative inquiries
  • Professional development at a meso-level: Conceptual development and impact analysis
  • Engaging faculty in internationalization of the curriculum in the post-pandemic era
  • Internationalizing teaching and learning in Hong Kong higher education through building professional capacity
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