Upon completion of the Programme, graduates of the B.A. Programme in Early Childhood Education will have:

  1. acquired an understanding of the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of early childhood education;
  2. acquired an understanding of children’s differences in learning, and design curriculum and instructional plans suitable for diverse learners;
  3. acquired an understanding of a variety of instructional strategies, and use various instructional strategies to encourage the development of curiosity, creativity, problem-solving and performance skills in children;
  4. acquired an understanding of a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies, and use various assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous all-round development of young learners;
  5. acquired an understanding of the basic organizational and managerial theories, and the ways to adopt appropriate strategies to contribute, independently and collegially, to the quality of their schools to the benefit of children, parents, the community and colleagues;
  6. acquired an understanding of the complex characteristics of young children, young children’s families and communities and appreciate respectful, reciprocal relationships that support children’s development and learning; and
  7. become reflective practitioners who continually evaluate the effects of their choices and who actively seek out opportunities to grow professionally.