Application Procedures
Step 1 – Prepare Application Materials

Applicants are required to upload scanned copies of the following supporting documents to the Online Application System. No need to send the hard copies of documents by post during the application stage.

Identity Document

  • Applicants in Hong Kong: Hong Kong ID Card
  • Applicants from Mainland China: Mainland ID Card/Passport
  • Other applicants: Passport

Transcripts and Grading Scheme of Academic Qualifications

CUHK qualification (Bachelor’s degree or above):

  • Copies of “Student Copy Transcript” issued by CUHK (not applicable to CUHK (Shenzhen) qualifications).
  • Academic reports generated from CUSIS are NOT accepted.

Other qualifications:

  • Final full transcripts with degree awarded information for completed programmes.
  • Latest transcript for applicants who are currently in the final year of study.
  • Applicants with Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programmes or participated in exchange programme of long duration which constitutes part of your studies should provide copies of the official transcript and certificate of their studies.
  • A proper letterhead and an official chop issued by the Registry or Office responsible for handling student records are accepted.
  • Documents printed from the system or any other documents without a proper letterhead and an official chop are NOT accepted.

Grading scheme:

  • The grading scheme should be attached with the transcript. It normally can be found at the back of the transcript or student handbook.
  • If your University does not have a grading scheme, please seek assistance from the Registry to issue a certifying letter confirming that no grading scheme is adopted by your University.



  • For graduates, please ensure that there is conferment / award date on your final full transcripts of completed programmes.
  • Documents in Chinese or English version are accepted. If not, an official certified translation in English should be provided.
  • The University may require applicants to provide verification reports of the qualification obtained. Applicants will be notified by the Graduate Division concerned/Graduate School separately.
  • Admitted students are required to submit original copies of those official documents or final full official transcript for verification by the condition fulfilment deadline. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to register and commence studies at the University.

Certificates of Academic/Professional Qualifications

  • Copies of certificates of academic/professional qualifications may include university certificates of graduation, examination certificates and proof of other qualifications.
  • Applicants who obtained degrees from universities in Mainland China are required to provide copies of the following certificate:
    • Graduation certificate (畢業證書)
    • Degree certificate (學位證書)
    • a valid Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate (教育部學歷證書電子註冊備案表) and a valid Online Verification Report of Higher Education Degree Certificate (中國高等教育學位在線驗證報告) issued by the CHESICC (學信網)

Proof of English Language Requirements for Admission

Assessment Report from the HKCAAVQ (if applicable)

Applicants with degrees awarded by overseas universities by distance learning or by completing a curriculum of short duration may be required to provide assessment report from the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) on the level of qualification obtained. Applicants will be notified by the Graduate Division concerned separately.

Candidates need to submit a paper on “Objectives and Outline of Study” in English covering the following:

  • The applicant’s reasons for choosing this programme;
  • Demonstration of a basic understanding of the area of study;
  • A description of how the proposed academic pursuits will enhance the applicant’s professional capacity; and
  • Future career plans

Important Notes

  1. Uploaded copies of supporting documents must be complete, legible and without any masked information. Documents scanned in PDF format are highly recommended to ensure clarity of documents. The maximum size of each uploaded file is 2MB, except that the maximum size of identity document file is 1MB.
  2. The University may require applicants to submit additional information or documentary proof if deemed necessary. All documents submitted will not be returned. If the application is unsuccessful, all documents will be destroyed. Applicants are required to provide true, accurate and complete information in support of their applications. Any misrepresentation in the documents and information provided will result in disqualification of their applications and subsequent enrolments in the University.
Step 2 – Submit Online Application
  1. Submit online application and settle application fee.
  2. Upload required supporting documents before the deadline.
  3. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, applicants are strongly recommended to submit all required documents as early as possible. Insufficient information and documents will delay the review of your application.

Important Note

Applicants should submit the application and settle the application fee within one month. Otherwise, your application will not be reviewed until the above processes are completed.

Step 3 – Submit Confidential Recommendations

Applicants are required to invite at least TWO referees to complete the Confidential Recommendations Report. After successfully submitted the application, applicants can input information of the referees through the Online Application System for Postgraduate Programmes. The University will send invitations for confidential recommendations to the referees.

Step 4 – Check Your Application Result
  1. Attend interview (if any).
  2. Applicants may log in to the Online Application System for Postgraduate Programmes to check their application results and download the Admission Notification.
Step 5 – Accept Offer and Fulfill Admission Condition
  1. Accept your admission offer online and settle the admission deposit by the payment due date. If you are admitted by more than one programme, you can only choose to study one programme. You have to decline the previous offer before accepting the new offer. Please note that the admission deposit paid is non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  2. Download the admission notification from the Online Application System and send the required documents as specified in the admission notification by mail/by courier to the Graduate School by the condition(s) fulfilment deadline.
  3. For non-local students, please follow the instructions on Graduate School website to prepare your student visa application and provide copies of entry permits, landing slips, and HKID Card (for full-time non-local students only) to the Graduate School after arriving in Hong Kong.
  4. For details, please refer to the steps listed on the Graduate School website.


Important Notes

  1. For original full official transcript together with the grading scheme, it should be sent directly to the Graduate School in a sealed envelope from the issuing university. Please quote your name, application number and admitted programme on the envelope.
  2. Some universities may only issue electronic official transcripts to other institutions. In that event, official electronic transcripts should be sent to the Graduate School at  directly from the issuing university for fulfilling the condition.
  3. For original valid official score report of TOEFL (University’s institution code: 0812)/IELTS (Academic)/GMAT (Verbal), it should be sent directly from the test organization to the Graduate School (HKPFS only accepts score report of TOEFL or IELTS (Academic)).


For further enquiries, please refer to the Graduate School’s website.

Application Period
Application Start Date Application Deadline Commencement of Classes
16 October 2023 29 February 2024 September 2024
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