Video Production Workshop Series

Video Production Workshop Series

To address the needs of teaching-video production under the new normal, our Office invited the Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology (ELITE) to organize a series of workshops that covered various video-editing strategies, skills, and tools, such as DaVinci Resolve, OBS, Animoto, and Powtoon, etc. to our Faculty’s student teachers and teaching staff.

Again, thanks  Ms Flora Leung, the instructor from ELITE, for designing these hands-on workshops and providing a lot of practical advice on how to create interesting educational videos efficiently and effectively to the participants.

Students could log in to Blackboard to review the videos.



UG students: “BEd Teaching Practicum” course folder
PGDE students (Full-time/Part-time): “PGDE Teaching Practicum” course folder


PPT Notes

Click “Teaching Practicum” in the menu bar of the course folder -> Click “Preparation for TP or other Experiences” file -> Click “Professional development activities” file


Video recordings

Click “Panopto video” in the menu bar of the course folder