Research Projects

Evidence-based School Improvement Projects

This project aims at providing schools with empirical data for examining their own strengths and challenges and designing appropriate school plans to the benefit of students. The empirical data not only measures the allocation of educational resources and the educational outcomes of schools, but also focuses on the important processes leading to these outcomes.

1. Educational Packages & Resources

Educational packages and resources are collected from different educators, frontline participators and school projects, with links and sample materials provided.

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2. Well-being Project

From 2017, our Centre has collaborated with the Spiritual Education Project Team in a 3-year school-based spiritual education program with the funding support of The D. H. Chen Foundation. The program aims to deliver a holistic spiritual education to teachers and students of 6 secondary schools, while generating research as a means to optimize and guide the effective integration of spiritual education into the school curriculum in Hong Kong.

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3. QSIP-WeCan

Starting from 2013, the EBSIP collaborates with the Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP) to investigate the impact of school-business partnership on disadvantaged students’ capacity for educational and career planning. The participants are students from the 13 secondary schools participating in Project WeCan.

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4. Home School Community Collaboration

The primary goal of this project is to explore how to make home school collaboration (HSC) plays its part in improving quality of school education and enhancing the overall development of students.

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