Biography of Prof. Nicholas Sun-Keung PANG

BSc, CertEd, MEd (HKU); DMS (HKMA-HKP); PhD (Newcastle, Australia); MBIM; MSoL

Professor and Chairman of Department of Educational Administration and Policy,
The Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong SAR, China

Tel: 852-3943 6920 Fax: 852-2603 6761

Director of Hong Kong Centre for the Development of Educational Leadership(HKCDEL)

Leader of the School Development and Evaluation Team (SDET)

Director of the Preparation for Principalship (PFP) Courses commissioned by Education Bureau.

Director of Master of Arts Programme in School Improvement and Leadership (MASIL) of the Faculty of Education, CUHK


Prof. Pang is a specialist in educational administration, management and leadership, as well as school effectiveness and improvement. He serves as Chairman of Department of Educational Administration and Policy, Director of the Hong Kong Centre for the Development of Educational Leadership (HKCDEL), Leader of the School Development and Evaluation Team (SDET), Director of the Preparation for Principalship (PFP) Courses and Director of School Managers (SMs) Training Programmes, commissioned by Hong Kong Education Bureau, and Director of the Master of Arts Programme in School Improvement and Leadership (MASIL). Prof. Pang was elected the Chairman of Hong Kong Educational Research Association for the year 1999-2001 and he was also the Chairman of the Organization Committee of 2002 HKERA International Conference, which attracted over 600 participants from all over the world. He was member of the Advisory Committee on Quality Assurance Inspectorate of the then Education and Manpower Bureau and the Working Group on the Study of Effectiveness of Public-sector Secondary Schools of the then Education Department. He has been an appointed Sector/Subject Specialist of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualification (HKCAAVQ) (2008-2014).

Prof. Pang has been publishing widely, locally and internationally, with over 98 articles in various media. 59 publications are fully refereed and 34 of which are refereed journal articles. His publications can be found in international journals, such as, Journal of Educational Administration; Educational Management, Administration and Leadership; School Leadership & Management; School Effectiveness and School Improvement;International Education Studies;The Learning Organization: An International Journal; International Journal of Educational Reform; Canadian and International Education; International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management; Educational Studies; Frontiers of Education in China; Journal of Quality School Education; Education Practice and Theory; Educational Research Journaland Education Journal. He is Co-author of an academic book entitled Leadership and Management in Education: Developing Essential Skills and Competencies (322 pages) published by the Chinese University Press. The book has attracted wide audience and is now in the second print since 2003. He was the Editor of an academic book entitled Globalization: Educational Research, Change and Reforms (312 pages), published in 2006. He is also the co-author of two academic books in Chinese. One has been published in 2011 and entitled The Construction of a Learning School: New Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Teachers’ Organizational Learning (358 pages), by the Education Science Publishing House in Beijing. The second one, entitled Organizational Learning Obstacles in Schools: Exploration and Overcoming (389 pages), has been published by the Higher Education Publishing in Taiwan in 2012. Prof. Pang have been invited to speak at major international conferences and academic meetings in Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Slovenia, Australia and US in different occasions.

Prof. Pang has been successful in launching 50 research and development projects with external and competitive funds in the capacity of Principal Investigator (PI). He is now the Principal Investigator (PI) of a General Research Fund (GRF) project, entitled Strategic Thinking and Execution in Hong Kong Schools (RGC Ref. No.: 452710) (2011-13) and was the PI of a Research Grant Council (RGC) project, entitled Organizational Values and Cultures of Schools in Mainland China and Hong Kong (RGC Ref. No.: CUHK4616/05H) (2005-07). He has also in-charged and completed four Quality Education Fund (QEF) projects, respectively entitled School Self-evaluation and School-based Performance Indicators (QEF No.: 1999/2863) (2000-02); Transforming Schools into Learning Organizations (QEF No.: 2003/0755) (2004-06); Metacognition in Learning and Teaching: Supporting Students’ Learning Needs (QEF No.: 2005/0203) (2006-08); and From Assessment for Learning to Promoting Self-regulated Learning in Early-childhood Education (Kindergarten & Lower Primary Levels) (QEF No.: 2007/0324) (2008-10). Prof. Pang is now leading a Education Development Fund (EDF) project, entitled Quality Early Childhood Education: The Practice of Assessment for Learning and the Use of Portfolios in Kindergartens commissioned by Education Bureau for 2012-2015 with a grant of  HK$8.7526 million.

Prof. Pang served as Editor of an academic book, Associate Editor for the International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management (Volume 3, 2003), Member of Editorial Advisory Board of The Sage International Handbook of Educational Evaluation (2007-08), Guest Co-Editor for Frontiers of Education in China (2011),  Members of Advisory Board of Leadership and Policy Quarterly (USA) (2012-), New Horizons in Education (HK) (2012-), Educational Policy Forum (Taiwan)(2010-13), and member of Editorial Board of Asia Pacific Journal of Educational Development (Taiwan) (2012-). He has been serving as Peer Reviewer of various journals, such as, Educational Management, Administration and Leadership (UK), Journal of Educational Administration (Australia), International Journal of Leadership in Education (USA), Journal of School Leadership (USA),Evaluation and Program Planning (USA), Educational Review (UK), International Journal of Educational Research (UK), Quality Assurance in Education (UK), Educational Research and Evaluation (UK), International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management (Australia), Asia Pacific Education Review (Korea), Educational Research Journal (HK), Education Journal (HK), New Horizons in Education (HK), and Comparative Education Bulletin (HK).

Prof. Pang serves as the External Assessor for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Principal Programmes for 2011-2014 and the External Examiner for PhD Thesis Examination for University Malaya, Malaysia (2010-15). He was also the External Reviewer of (i) the University Grants Council (UGC) of Hong Kong for a proposal under Public Policy Research (PPR) (2006-07); (ii) Quality Education Fund projects (1998-99); (iii) the Israel Science Foundation for an academic research proposal (2005); (iv) the Hong Kong Institute of Education’s two-year part-time PGDE (Technology) programme for the Hong Kong Council of Academic Accreditation (1999–2003); and (v) the Promotion Committee of the Department of Education Studies, the Hong Kong Baptist University (2001-02).

He has been granted for the “Merit Award” for the Quality Education Fund Project on “Transforming Schools into Learning Organizations”(2004-06) (Ref.: QEF 2003/0755); the "Excellent Paper Award" of the 5th Academic Conference of China National Commission for Educational Management in September 2002 and “Outstanding Teaching Award” in course evaluation for the Course, EDM6011, on “Administrative & Organizational Theory, of the Master of Education program in 2001-2002.

Prof. Pang is a Founding Member of the Global Professional Learning Community Network (Global-PLC-N) (2011-now) and a Research Member of the Society of Organizational Learning (SoL). He ia also a member of University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA), American Educational Research Association (AERA); Hong Kong Educational Research Association (HKERA); Hong Kong Council for Educational Administration (HKCEA); Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK) and Australia Council for Educational Leadership (ACER). He has been conducting research in collaboration with East China Normal University (ECNU) at Shanghai, China; the University of Newcastle, Australia; the National Education Institute at Ljublijana, Slovenia; and the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) of the United States. He is now having collaborative research with Florida Atlantic University on “Strategic Leadership in Hong Kong Schools” and University of Canberra on “Management and Leadership in Educational Institutions at Zhejiang Province, China.”

Chinese University of Hong Kong