Dr. NG Pun-hon

BSc, Cert Ed, PhD (HKU)

Professional Consultant

Served as teacher and physics panel chairman in secondary schools, lecturer and academic project leader at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Courses taught: subject and curriculum teaching (Physics, Liberal Studies and Junior Secondary Science).
Research Areas
Research interests include teaching and learning of physics, nature of science and school-based professional development of science teachers.
Selected Publications
  1. 吳本韓(2007)。培育「科學探究大使」- 從「小小科學家」開始。輯於蘇詠梅主編《科學探究:小學教學專輯》,頁17-20。香港:中華基督教會香港區會小學校長會、香港教育學院。
  2. 吳本韓 (2006):兩類用於培訓物理老師的力學實驗(香港經驗),《大學物理》,18(4),頁69-72。
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