Ms. LEUNG Ai-kei, Annie


Annie served as a lecturer for pre and in service teachers in Singapore and Hong Kong over the past 20 years. She has extensive experience in teaching and taking leadership roles in training institutions and schools. Prior to this, she was a course leader for field practice and a lecturer at National Institute of Early Childhood Development in Singapore. She also served as a director of global programme for a non-for-profit organization and a lecturer in several institutions in Hong Kong. Courses taught include Principles of Curriculum and Instruction Design for Early Childhood Education, Teaching and Learning through Play in Early Childhood Education, Advances in Curriculum Study in Early Childhood Education, Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education and Teaching Practice.
Research Areas
Research interests include Curriculum and Pedagogy, Teacher Training and Development, Mentoring and Coaching, Field Practice and Retention of Staff in the ECE workforce.
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Conference Presentations
  1. Pacific Early Childhood Eduction Research Assocaition (PECERA): Mentoring Early Childhood Student-teachers (2012)
  2. Asia-Pacfifc Regional Conference on Early Childhood Development (ARNEC): Play Tips, Play Time and Play Materials (2011)