Q 1.How do I apply for PGT courses?
A Your school may recommend you to join our program. You may also take the initiative to download the course descriptions and application package from our website and ask your teacher to complete the recommendation form for you.
Q 2. What special qualifications do I need in order to apply for PGT courses? Do I need to take an 'IQ test' prior to applying?
A Our courses are open to application for students in Primary 3 through Secondary 6. As 'IQ test' is one of the few assessment tools in identification of talents and giftedness, we do not require nor encourage applicants to take an 'IQ test' solely for applying our courses.
Q 3. I'm in Primary 2, can I apply for PGT courses?
A We currently offers courses to students in Primary 3 and above, but we also consider Primary 2 applicants who display very outstanding ability/potential in particular areas. Please contact us for further information prior to submitting an application.
Q 4. I'm in Primary 6, can I apply for Form 1 level courses?
A Our courses are designed according to abilities of gifted students in each particular grade. Since our target audience is gifted and talented students, content of courses is advanced and might be taught at an accelerated pace. Therefore, we do not encourage students to apply for courses above their grade levels. However, exceptions might be made for those who show very outstanding potential. Please contact us for further information before submitting an application if you are interested in higher grade level courses.
Q 5. What do I need to include in my application? Is there an application fee?
A You are required to turn in a school recommendation form completed by the school teacher and a copy of the most recent school report. Other supporting documents such as psychological assessment reports, awards and certificates may also be included. One completed application form is required for each course you apply to. There is a fee of HKD$250 for each application form submitted. Students from families receiving CSSA are exempted from application fee.
Q 6. When can I apply? When and where do the courses take place?
Application Period Course Duration
Spring Program Late-December April-May
Summer Program Late-March July-August
Winter program Late-September December-February

All courses are held on Saturdays or during school holidays on the CUHK campus(Except for camps and field trips).
Q 7. How much is the tuition fee?
A The tuition fee of courses vary depending on the duration and nature of the course. It ranges from around HK$2,000 to HK$4,900. Scholarships are available to students who may need financial assistance.
Q 8. Is financial assistance available?
A We have established a scholarship fund for students who may require financial assistance. The decision of award and the amount to be awarded will depend on the applicants' family financial situation. Students from family receiving CSSA can be granted scholarship in the form of 75% tuition fee reduction. Those from low-income family or family receiving school textbook assistance can be granted 15% to 75% tuition fee reduction. Scholarship applications are assessed independently from program admissions. The application for financial assistance will not affect your chances of being admitted in the program.
Q 9. What courses does PGT offer? Can I apply for more than one course at a time?
A We offer a variety of courses to gifted and talented students in the areas of language, mathematics, sciences, information technology, arts, music, geography, philosophy, Chinese medicine, psychology, law, liberal studies, creativity, leadership training, emotion management, etc. You are advised to consider your areas of interest, strengths and time commitment when applying for more than one courses.
Q 10. Who teaches PGT courses?
A Our courses are taught by CUHK professors and lecturers, experienced teachers in gifted education and experts from different areas of profession.
Q 11. How many students are in each class?
A We maintain a small class size of 5-25 students to ensure active participation and individual attention from instructors.
Q 12. Can I obtain certificate after completion of the course?
A Participants who have attended 75% or more of the class sessions, have submitted all letters of absence (if applicable), and whose performance were considered satisfactory by PGT and the instructors, will be presented with a Certificate of Participation at the end of the course (i.e. the last day of the course).
Q 13. Can I get back the photos taken during the courses?
A We will upload the snapshots and the photos of certificate presentation on “Activity Photo” in PGT website after 5 – 8 weeks of the completion of the courses.
Q 14. What will PGT consider in the admission procedure?
A When considering your application, the PGT Admission Committee will carefully examine your school recommendation, academic performance, PGT written assessment results, public examination results and any other supporting information (e.g., performance in related areas including awards, certificates, psychological assessment reports), according to the course you applied for.
Q 15. What is the PGT assessment like? Do I need to prepare for it?
A The assessment is mainly conducted in written format. Since the content of the assessment does not include students' regular curriculum, there is no need to study beforehand. We are interested in your views, logic and reasoning skills in real-life situations.
Q 16. Do I need to come for the PGT assessment each time I apply?
A All first-time applicants are required to attend our assessment. Applicants who have been admitted to our program may be exempted from assessment and will be notified in writing through the Assessment Notification. However, in order to further understand your learning and personal development, we require you to come back for an assessment after a certain period of time.
Q 17. Are there any requirements for attending the parent seminars?
A Parents of all applicants are welcome to attend our seminars.
Q 18. What topics will the parent seminars cover?
A A variety of topics may be discussed in the seminars and workshops, including the characteristics of gifted children, teaching and nurturing methods for gifted students, and other up-to-date topics in the field of gifted education. Sharing and discussion groups led by speakers with extensive experience in raising and nurturing gifted children are also available.
Q 19. Do I need to pay to attend the parent seminars/workshops?
A Yes. Seminar/Workshop fees may vary according to the duration and content offered. Admission fees range from around HK$150 to HK$350. Families with financial hardships could call us to apply for free admission.
Q 20. Apart from enrichment courses and parent seminars, does PGT offer any other services?
A Focusing on the whole-person development of gifted and talented students, we also provide various student activities on social-emotional learning and life planning education, counseling services and individual follow-up. You are welcomed to contact us if you have any special needs.