Services for Students with Gifts & Talents

In order to cater for the special educational needs of gifted and talented students, PGT has organized the following activities:

Leadership Training Programs

Leadership training is a critical component in the education of adolescents who will become leaders in the new millennium. PGT recognizes the pressing need to nurture creative leaders for our society and has organized various leadership training programs for the gifted students.

Creative Leadership Training Program

The Creative Leadership Training Program (CLTP) is a comprehensive training program designed to nurture the creativity and leadership potentials in students. The Program strikes a sound balance between theory and practice. Participants first undergo a series of training courses provided by the University, which equip the students on aspects of leadership skills, creativity, communication skills and peer counseling skills. To ensure the generalization of knowledge and skills into real life applications, a practicum component has been specially designed to allow students to apply their knowledge and skills at their schools. Participants are required to organize a series of programs and activities in their own schools such as providing training courses and counseling services for their fellow schoolmates. In this way, both the students being trained and peers at school will benefit from the program.

Creative Adventure-based Leadership Training Program

The Creative Adventure-based Leadership Training Program (CALTP) is an outgrowth of the CLTP. It is an innovative program organized by the PGT in association with Outward Bound@ Hong Kong. CALTP attempts to incorporate the adventure and experiential elements in the Outward Bound@ program into the PGT's CLTP, hence helping participants discover and develop their creative leadership abilities through a training course well-balanced in theory and practice, and enhanced by adventure-based experiential education.

Successful Leadership Development Program

PGT has collaborated with the scheme "Support Measures for the Exceptionally Gifted Students", the Education and Manpower Bureau to organize the Successful Leadership Development Program (SLDP) for exceptionally gifted students with high leadership potential. The program aims to train up a group of young leaders who are committed to serving Hong Kong. The program has two components, the University-based Training and the Practicum which strikes a sound balance between theory and practice. The practicum component not only helps student leaders to enhance and consolidate their learned skills through conducting school service projects, but also provides opportunities for them to serve the schools and community and help them increase their sense of social responsibility.

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship typically includes an extended relationship between an expert scholar at the University or in the community and a talented student over a period from several months to years. In the PGT Mentorship Program, gifted and talented students are matched by their areas of interest with expert mentors. A student with outstanding mathematical ability, for example, will be matched with a mentor who has expertise in mathematics. Expert mentors will be an expert source to open up the world of knowledge for the mentees, and to guide and advice the mentees to focusing their interests, developing their high abilities and identifying their life goals.

Gifted Education Seminars

To meet the needs and interests of gifted students, PGT organizes Gifted Education Seminars on different topics on an irregular basis. The thematic seminars provide information and knowledge on the latest development of various disciplines to broaden gifted students' academic horizon and promote their interests. In order to nurture the personal growth of gifted students, experience sharing seminars on gifted students' development are also arranged. The gifted and talented from different walks of life are invited to share their learning experience and successful stories. Participants can learn from them how to utilize their learning abilities, cultivate good learning habit, and enjoy learning. At the same time, they can be inspired to find ways to unfold their potential, develop their talents, and lead a fruitful life.

University-based Residential Programs

The first University-based Residential Program was organized in 1997 which aimed to offer different stimulating learning experiences for gifted junior secondary students during their summer vacation. About 100 participants spent one week together at the Chinese University campus attending courses and workshops, and engaging in group sharing and special activities. The Program aimed to facilitate the intellectual growth of gifted and talented students through enrichment courses and activities. Leading scholars and scientists of the University were invited to conduct courses and workshops for the gifted youths, exposing them to cutting-edge research and technological advances in different fields. Through the one-week residential program, students had the opportunity to learn novel and challenging materials at an accelerated pace and to gain access to diverse topics not normally accessible to secondary school students. They also immersed themselves in an environment where they could develop socially through intensive learning experiences and interaction with challenging and supportive gifted peers.

Gifted Students Exchange Programs

PGT aims to provide gifted and talented students with opportunities to develop their potentials in the context of a fast changing world. Since 1998, the Gifted Students Exchange Programs (GSEPs) have become a part of the University-based Residential Programs. Outstanding gifted students from Shanghai, Beijing and Changchun have been invited to participate in the University-based Residential Programs of 1998, 1999 and 2000. The Gifted Students Exchange Programs promote interaction of gifted youngsters from different cultures and backgrounds, thereby widening their horizons and helping them learn to accept different views and ways of life. The GSEPs also strengthen Hong Kong's educational links with other institutions outside Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Scholars Program – A Collaboration with the University of Iowa

PGT collaborates with the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa to organize the Hong Kong Scholars Program (HKSP). The HKSP provides academically gifted students in Hong Kong at Grade 11 or S.5 level with an opportunity to (a) attend a two-week summer gifted program at the University of Iowa, and (b) be considered for admission to the University of Iowa for undergraduate studies.

(a) Summer Gifted Program at the University of Iowa

In the two-week summer gifted program, students attend courses, visit the university faculties, prepare and sit for the ACT and TOEFL examinations at the University of Iowa. At the same time, students participate in recreational and cultural activities with gifted U.S. students.

(b) Application for Admission to the University of Iowa

Students participating in the summer gifted program are considered for admission to The University of Iowa. Students who are selected will return to Hong Kong after the summer program to complete their Grade 12 or S.6 study in Hong Kong. After that, they will start their first year undergraduate study at the University of Iowa in the fall of next year with guaranteed housing in the Honors Residence Hall for their first year. These students will be granted a National Scholars Award, gain admission to the University Honors Program, and participate in the Belin-Blank Center Transition Program for gifted students.

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