Journal of Basic Education

A publication of the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Vol. 15 No. 2 , 2006


Invited Article
1 Combining Different Ways of Learning and Teaching in a Dynamic Model of Educational Effectiveness*
    Bert P. M. CREEMERS

Special Issue: 40th Anniversary International Conference of Faculty of Education, CUHK
Developing Teacher Leadership and Education Partnership in the Face of Education Reform

39 Foreword: Teacher Leadership, Professional Learning Community and Partnership (Article written in Chinese)
    John C. K. LEE
45 Building a Teaching Force for Basic Education in China: An Innovative Model of Action Education in Teacher Professional Development (Article written in Chinese)
    Rui-wen HU
65 Managing Partnerships in Educational Reform: The Taiwan Experience (Article written in Chinese)
    Jenq-Jye HWANG and Chia-Yu CHANG
87 Extra-curricular Activities!? As Job Duties? As Education? ˇX An Inquiry into Teacher Professionalism and Autonomy (Article written in Chinese)
    Chiu-Woo CHOW, Suet-Lin HUNG, and Wai-Shan LUI
Issues and Comments
109 Professional Development Needs of Middle-Managers in Primary Schools on Educational Change (Article written in Chinese)
    Siu-Wai WU
121 Constructivist Teaching Design: Supporting Pupilsˇ¦Learning of Project Report Writing Skills (Article written in Chinese)
    Winnie Wing-Mui SO
Educational Innovation
141 Equality and Participation: Promotion of Professional Growth Through Collaborative Teaching (Article written in Chinese)
    Wing-Tak CHEUNG

* written in English
Key words: new learning, educational effectiveness, dynamic model

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