Doctor of Education (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)

The EdD. is a professional doctorate that includes both coursework and research components. It offers a variety of relevant courses and supervised thesis research. The EdD. programme aims to help experienced professionals to develop a deep understanding of their chosen areas of study and to encourage them in the search for innovative approaches to educational inquiry and practical insights to help them in resolving educational problems.

A critical reflection on our EdD. has yielded new courses that are designed to suit the needs of education professionals who seek to meet the challenges of educational change effectively but insist on becoming thoroughly grounded in the theory and practice of defined areas of study. Graduation requirements of this new EdD. programme better reflect its dual emphasis on coursework and research.

Study Scheme

EdD. comprises three required courses, four electives from research related courses and two electives from courses offered by the Division of Education. Candidates must successfully complete 21 units of coursework before the granting of candidature, and 9 units of research thesis after advancement to EdD. candidature to be awarded the EdD.

Doctor of Education (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) Units
Required Courses (3 courses) 9
PEDU 7206 Foundations of Educational Administration and Policy
PEDU 7207 School Reform in a Global Context
PEDU 7208 Educational Organization and Leadership
Research-related Courses (4 courses) 6
PEDU 6003 Comparative-Historical Method in Educational Research
PEDU 6004 Ethnographic Study in Educational Research
PEDU 6401 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research
PEDU 6402 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research
PEDU 6403 Quantitative Data Management and Analysis in Educational Research
PEDU 6404 Quantitative Analysis in Classroom and School Settings
PEDU 6405 Multi-dimensional and Multi-causal Analysis in Educational Research
PEDU 6406 Action Research in Education
PEDU 7301 Advanced Seminar in Quantitative Research Methodology
PEDU 7302 Advanced Seminar in Qualitative Research Methodology
Elective Courses (2 courses) 6
Students can take 2 courses (except PEDU8000) offered by the Division of Education. They should consult their advisors to determine what electives to be taken.
Others 9
PEDU 8000 Thesis Research

Students are required to take PEDU 8000 every term from the time of admission, throughout the preparation of thesis, until its completion.

Total 30


Normally within a year after advancement to DEd candidature, the candidate has to register for the course PEDU 8010 (9 units), and to submit and present the thesis proposal in an open presentation. After the thesis proposal has been approved, the candidate should, under the supervision of her/his supervisor, submit a thesis and pass the oral defence within a prescribed period of time for graduation.

Complete an Improving Postgraduate Learning (IPL) course “Observing Intellectual Property and Copyright Law during Research.