Academic Staff

LEE Daphnee Hui Lin

Associate Professor

LEE Daphnee Hui Lin

BA, MSSc (National University of Singapore), PhD (Australian National University)

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Daphnee Lee is a sociologist by training and researcher in education who employs a sociological lens to study educational change in Chinese societies. She has a lifelong passion for understanding how change shapes professional identities and how professionals empower themselves in the face of change. Daphnee’s latest research initiative focuses on intercultural identities, values and educational change, exploring how people, based on their childhood experiences, think, talk, and act, via professional learning communities, their teaching practice, or when managing intercultural differences in online social networks. Daphnee investigates the identities and values underpinning professional practice and learning with a theory she developed on identity grafting. In her book on Managing Chineseness (Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2017), Daphnee examines the theoretical implications Chinese professional identities through the concept of identity grafting. As a service to the international scholarly community, she is Associate Editor of the Journal of Educational Change. Prior to CUHK, Daphnee started the earlier phases of her academic scholarship at The Education University of Hong Kong; and Nanyang Technological University (National Institute of Education, Singapore). Her Ph.D. work at the Australian National University laid the foundations for the sociological explanation of empirical work on how individuals construct and exercise their identities, linking organizational, social, and policy experiences to global reforms and movements.

Research Interests
  • Educational Leadership
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Leader Development
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Sociology of Education
Courses Taught
Recent Publications
  • Lee, D. H. L. (2023). Identity dilemmas of an English language teacher: Negotiating transformations in the language profile of a primary school in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific Journal of Education. Accepted 27 Feb 2023.
  • Lee, D. H. L. (2023). When social hierarchy meets hierarchical school culture: Implications for Chinese Hong Kong school leaders. Educational Management Administration & Leadership. Accepted 2 Feb 2023.
  • Lee, D. H. L. (2023). Identity Grafting: Influence of Confucian Model Universities on Chinese Singaporean Engineering Professionals. Discourse-Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 44(3).
  • Lee, D. H. L., & Ip, K. K. (2023). The influence of professional learning communities on informal teacher leadership in a Chinese hierarchical school context. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 51(2), 324-344.
  • Lee, D. H. L. (2023). Identity grafting: Strategies teachers employ to reconcile diverse pedagogical values across five Chinese cities. Professional Development in Education. DOI: 10.1080/19415257.2022.2155986


Research Projects
  • “Teacher negotiation of educational change and sociocultural processes (re)defining teacher dialogue and practice (18603923)” (2024-2026), Funded by Research Grants Council Hong Kong – General Research Fund. Principal Investigator.
  • “Global Competence and Online Social Networks: Identities, Cognitive skills, and Sociocultural Factors as Facilitators and Barriers to Using Diversity as a Strength (1-31-0A429)” (2022 – 2025). Funded by The Education University of Hong Kong – Central Research Allocation Community (CRAC) Research Project. Principal Investigator.
  • “Teacher leadership: Influences of hierarchical Chinese contexts on the capacity of professional learning communities to empower the classroom teacher (28605318)” (2019-2020). Funded by Research Grants Council Hong Kong – General Research Fund (Early Career Scheme). Principal Investigator.
  • “A teacher-led interpretation of the Teacher Growth Model: Inquiry into the professional identity of Singapore teachers. (AFR 05/14 LHL)” (2015-2020). Funded by Ministry Academies Fund, Singapore. Principal Investigator.
  • “A Value-Mediated approach to profiling professional learning communities in Singapore schools (OER18/12LWO)” (2013-2015), HKD$1,500,000. Funded by Education Research Funding Program, Singapore. Principal Investigator.