Academic Staff

LAU Ngar-sze

Senior Lecturer

LAU Ngar-sze

BSSc, PGDE, MA (CUHK), MPhil (Oxford), PhD (Lancaster)

  • CV

Dr. Lau had served as a secondary school teacher, subject panel of Ethics and Religion, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and EDD co-supervisor at the Education University of Hong Kong, part-time Assistant Professor and MA theses supervisor, member of Curriculum Development Institute of Hong Kong Education Bureau, and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority. Dr. Lau received Certificate of Appreciation of School-based Curriculum Project Scheme of Education Department, HKSAR (2000), the Inaugural Caring Teaching Award of Faculty of Education and Human Development (2021), Award for Excellent FE Supervision (2021-22 Semester I) at the Education University of Hong Kong. Courses taught include Structure and Process of Schooling, values education, teachers’ ethics, positive education, mindfulness education, General studies and Liberal studies, etc. Research interests include transnational meditation in Chinese communities, religious education, spiritual health, values education, mindfulness education, moral and ethics education, and inclusive education, etc. Dr. Lau has started teaching and research projects on mindfulness, mind-body-spirit health and positive education for undergraduates, pre-service teachers, and in-service teachers since 2007. She helped organizing a few academic conferences and teachers’ professional training. She publishes academic papers in international journals and academic publishers. She also reviews academic papers for numerous academic journals, including Mindfulness, Religions, International Journal of Children’s Spirituality, etc.

Research Interests
  • Education Ethnography
  • Inclusive Education
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Religious and Spiritual Education
  • Spiritual Health
  • Value Education
Courses Taught
  • CHED 4510 Values Education in Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC 2220 Educational Thought
  • EDUC 3290 Meaning Concerns, Life and Death Education
  • PGDE 5211 Structure & Process of Schooling
  • PGDP 5301 Structure & Process of Schooling
  • PGDP 5318 Ethics and Professional Standards for the Teaching Profession
Recent Publications
  • 劉雅詩(2022) : 〈職前老師的正向價值教育〉,輯於劉雅詩、盧希皿、李子建編《邁向正向幸福人生–以靜觀和正念培育兒童青少年正向價值和身心靈健康》。香港:中華書局。
  • 劉雅詩(2022) : 〈甚麼是靜觀和正念?–心理、宗教及教育的視角〉,輯於劉雅詩、盧希皿、李子建編《邁向正向幸福人生–以靜觀和正念培育兒童青少年正向價值和身心靈健康》。香港:中華書局。
  • 劉雅詩、盧希皿、李子建編(2022) :《邁向正向幸福人生–以靜觀和正念培育兒童青少年正向價值和身心靈健康》。香港:中華書局。
  • Lau, N.S. (2022). Equality of Access? Chinese Women Practicing Chan and Transnational Meditation in Contemporary China. Religions, 13, 61.
  • Lo, H.H.M., Au, A., Cho, W.V., Lau, E.N.S., Wong, J.Y.H., Wong, S.Y.S., Yeung, J.W.K. (2022). Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Caregivers of Frail Older Chinese Adults: A Study Protocol. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 19, 5447.
  • Zheng X, Zhang D, Lau ENS, Xu Z, Zhang Z, Mo PKH, Yang X, Mak ECW and Wong SYS (2022) Primary School Students’ Online Learning During Coronavirus Disease 2019: Factors Associated With Satisfaction, Perceived Effectiveness, and Preference. Front. Psychol. 13:784826.
  • Lo, H.H.M., Lau, E.N.S., Tam, C.H.L. et al. (2021). Effects of a Mindful Parenting Workshop for Parents of Adolescents and Young Adults Following Social Unrest in Hong Kong. Mindfulness.
  • Lau, N.S. (2021). Changing socio-political identity and students’ mental health: Promoting positive education and holistic education in Hong Kong. R. Wills, M. de Souza, M. Bakkar, J. M. McMahon & C. Roux, The Bloomsbury Handbook of culture and identity from Early Childhood to Early Adulthood Perceptions and Implications (—–). London: Bloomsbury Academic.
  • Lau, N.S. (2021). Teaching transnational Buddhist meditation with vipassanā (neiguan內觀) and mindfulness (zhengnian正念) for healing depression in contemporary China. Religions. 12(3), 212;
  • Cheung Y.M.R. & Lau, N.S. (2021). Is Mindfulness Linked to Life Satisfaction? Testing Savoring Positive Experiences and Gratitude as Mediators. Frontiers in Psychology
  • Au, T.C. & Lau, N. S. (2021). Private music teachers’ knowledge of and attitudes toward students with autism Spectrum Disorder. J Autism Dev Disord.
Research Projects
  • Co-investigator with Gu, Mingyue Michelle (PI), Y.M. Rebecca Cheung, M. M. Chiu, Corey F. Huang, Liz Jackson, J. S. Lee, Zhenlin Wang, J. Luo, M. Harrison, Lucas Kohnke. Wellbeing in online social networking. Multi-disciplinary Research Capacity Building Scheme. EdUHK, 2022-23
  • Co-investigator with Tse, T.K.T. (PI). Religious Education Curricula in Hong Kong Schools: A Comparative Study across Religious Bodies and Time. General Research Fund, 2020-22
  • Co-investigator with Lo, Herman H.M. (PI), Wong Samuel Y.S., Wong Janet Y.H., Yeung, Jerf W.K., Au, Alma. Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Caregivers of Frail Older Chinese Adults: Testing a Model of Intergenerational Caregiving. General Research Fund,
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